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    Tuesday, January 17, 2017

    Mirillis Action 2.1.0 Full Serial Key (2017)

    Mirillis Action 2.1.0 Crack Serial Key
    Mirillis Action 2.1.0 Serial Key
    Action! allows real-time recording/capture of Windows Aero desktop in a superb HD video quality. With Action! you can record web player videos, your gameplay, display game framerates, add live audio commentary to create high quality tutorials, record music, capture screenshots... and more!

    How To Activate Mirillis Action 2.1.0 Serial Key:
    1. Disable your Internet !
    2. Install Mirillis Action
    3. After installation is done, run Mirillis
    4. Then enter keys from bellow and activate
    5. That's all
    Changes in Mirillis Action 2.1.0 Serial Key:
    • NEW FEATURE: Full live streaming/login API integration with Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Hitbox
    • NEW FEATURE: Real-time live streaming viewers counter statistics displayed on HUD
    • Live streaming start button added
    • Live streaming privacy selection for Facebook and YouTube
    • Recording performance fixed on specific Win10 systems
    • Fixed Facebook video uploading
    • Fixed Action! startup with Elgato device installed
    • Fixed Action! AVI recording when very large cursors are visible (ex. Photoshop)
    • Fixed OpenGL recording (Intel GPU ex. Minecraft)
    • Fixed OpenGL recording (Exanima game)
    • Stability fixes
    Mirillis Action 2.1.0 Serial Key Crack

    Mirillis Action 2.1.0 Serial Key

    Mirillis Action 2.1.0 Serial Key Only

    Pay attention, that Mirillis Action can record videos high definition, i mean in HD resolution, So you will not be ashamed to upload that video on YouTube,Facebook, etc.There is special program for testing game performance, i didn't tried it, so i don't know is it really true, but if it is, that's another plus for Action. You can record video on web live stream too, and every file export in any file format you want. With Mirillis Action, fast download videos from YouTube,Facebook is possible too. This is only possible in activated version of Mirillis Action, but that's would not be a problem for you, because you can get Mirillis Action activation code for free on our website. Thanks for visiting see you soon. Cheers

    Mirillis Action 2.1.0 Serial Key Features:
    • You can record games in HD resolution.
    • You can record Web Video in Real Time.
    • Convert videos in popular formats and devices.
    • Upload videos to YouTube,Facebook etc.
    • Recording audio comments.
    • Recording your Desktop.
    • Play in HD and SD.
    • Stream your Dektop Screen on most popular web sites.
    • Record your Desktop Screen and Video games.
    • Hard Drive speed is incredible in HD format and record games in .mp4 format.
    • Outstanding slow motion effects.
      Many more...


    1. will the activation will be disabled if i reactive my internet connexion ?

    2. omg it worked thnxs :D just turn off internet connection :D!!!!!!!!!!

    3. IMPORTANT!!!! After you're done with activation serial, DON'T TURN ON INTERNET just yet!!!!

      CLOSE or EXIT the program, BLOCK IT using Windows Firewall Rule. And then, you can connect to internet :)